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Clayveda 5x Detan Cleansing Milk 500ml
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✔️ Power of 5 De-tan Actives for visibly tan free skin in just one application

✔️ Multani Mitti + Tan removing Actives

The 5X detan cleansing milk, with its combination of five detanning actives, offers a unique set of benefits for your skin. Here are benefits of using a product that contains multani mitti, Kaolin Clay, AHA, clove oil, and willow bark extract:

  1. Effective Detanning: The presence of multiple detanning actives like multani mitti, Kaolin Clay, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), clove oil, and willow bark extract can work together to effectively remove tan and hyperpigmentation from your skin, leaving it looking brighter and more even-toned.

  2. Exfoliation: AHA, which is typically a group of glycolic and lactic acids, provides gentle exfoliation, helping to remove dead skin cells and promote a smoother skin texture. This is particularly helpful in fading dark spots and acne scars.

  3. Cleansing and Purifying: Multani mitti and Kaolin Clay are excellent for drawing out impurities from the skin. They can help unclog pores, remove excess oil, and reduce acne and breakouts, providing a deep cleansing effect.

  4. Anti-Acne Properties: Clove oil is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help combat acne-causing bacteria and reduce redness and swelling associated with breakouts.

  5. Natural Soothing: Willow bark extract contains salicylic acid, which is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help calm irritated skin and reduce redness.

  6. Oil Control: The combination of these ingredients may help control excess sebum production, making it suitable for those with oily or combination skin types.

  7. Brightening and Skin Tone Improvement: The synergy of these actives can lead to a more radiant and even complexion. They work together to target tan, pigmentation, and dullness, resulting in improved skin tone.

  8. Pore Minimization: Regular use can help minimize the appearance of large pores, leaving your skin looking smoother and more refined.

  9. Moisturization: While this product helps control excess oil, it is essential to note that it may also be formulated to maintain adequate hydration levels, ensuring your skin remains balanced and doesn't feel overly dry.

  10. Natural Detoxification: The combination of natural ingredients in this product promotes a detoxifying effect, helping your skin get rid of toxins and impurities.

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